Write affirmative sentences negative sentences and questions my parents

They think it might show that men have more power in the conversation, and use tags to ask for information or agreement. Please come to the bookstore with me. Interrogative to assertive is to be done doing Vice versa. It is a great pity. If the tag question is negative, we shorten the phrase, or use a contraction with the auxiliary verb.

No other city is as big as Dhaka in Bangladesh. If the sentence is in the affirmative you have to change it into negative interrogative. Then proceed as follows: Hai Do was the editor. Or, Is there any use of this law? Also provide the actual examples to be used in the lesson.

My dog barks very loudly. Answer 3 does not end with an exclamation mark and answer 4 has the verb word beginning with a capital letter! Uncle Joe wears glasses. The interrogative form of "have" in the simple past normally uses the auxiliary "do".

Negation – Negative Activities and Worksheets

I always drive … to work. Put these sentences into the negative form The sun rises in the east. Others say women use a certain kind of tag questions to make the conversation run more smoothly.

Do you live at school? English speakers use tag questions to encourage a listener to respond. Because of his being weak, he could not work hard.Jan 30,  · Please write the negative sentences:?

Maria is from Brazil Jake is in London My parents are twenty years old They're interested in music My brother is a sports fan Josh an Phil are Australian Basketball is an exciting game Arsenal is a great football team Tokyo is the capital of Canada I'm in New York English is an easy language show more Maria Status: Resolved.

Grammar Worksheets Elementary School 1. To be: affirmative, negative, questions A. Complete the sentences with ¨to be¨ 1. I _____ a girl. use weak pronunciation in affirmative sentences and questions and strong pronunciation in short answers.

My parents are coming for dinner at eight. / /kɑːn kʌm/ Contractions will (Lesson ) When we speak, we often make contractions with subject + will in affirmative sentences (but not in negative sentences, questions or short. The teacher provides a sentence in the affirmative; students change it to the negative.

Example: Teacher: My father watches TV in the evening. Students work in pairs to ask and answer the questions. Students write a paragraph about their partners and read it loud.

Formation of Negative Sentences – Part IV

3. Here is another activity to consolidate the use of the simple present.

Present simple: affirmative, negative, questions

MODULE 1: GRAMMAR. 2 Postgraduate Intermediate Reading program Module 1: Grammar tense. In Section 2, you will be asked to convert sentences from one tense or form to another.

In Section 3, you will be asked to answer comprehension questions on a reading. The words ‘affirmative’, ‘negative’, ‘question (or interrogative. Yes, you can use could in affirmative sentences when it has the meaning of permission.

For example: The child was very tired but could (was allowed by her parents) stay awake all night. This still sounds a little strange to my native-speaker ears.

Write affirmative sentences negative sentences and questions my parents
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