The cause of the salem witch crisis of 1692

A recent small pox outbreak, the revocation of the Massachusetts Bay Colony charter by Charles II and the constant fear of Indian attacks helped in creating anxiety among the early Puritans that God was punishing them. But due to the strong belief in the occult, the villagers were inclined to the most improbable explanations.

The first to be tried under the newly formed court was Bridget Bishop on June 2, Ergot tends to grow in warm, damp weather and those conditions were present in the growing season. Conversion disorder is also collectively known as mass hysteria. Start your free trial today.

Since the jurist Sir Matthew Hale had permitted this evidence, supported by the eminent philosopher, physician and author Thomas Browneto be used in the. It heard charges against a servant girl, Mary Watkins, for falsely accusing her mistress of witchcraft.

Witch Pins, Court House, Salem. However, this separation did not wipe away the history of the witch trials from its past. The children of New England have secretly done many things that have been pleasing to the Devil. One of these accusers pointed several times at one Captain Hill, there present, but spake nothing; the same accuser had a man standing at her back to hold her up; he stooped down to her ear, then she cried out.

But the Lord He knows it is, if it be possible, that no more innocent blood be shed, which undoubtedly cannot be avoided in the way and course you go in. She relies heavily on extreme theories and improbable conjecture. According to Elaine G. Listed below are 5 possible reasons for one of the most tragic events in American history.

Parris and his family then left for Stowe, Massachusetts. Rather, he chose this fate to serve as a protest against the witch trials and the methods of the court. Cold Weather Theory According to this theory, the Salem tragedy might have been related to the cold weather, more specifically a pursuit for something or someone to blame for the related hardships such as crop failure.

Salem Witch Trials

As the jails continued to swell with accused witches, the court reconvened to try the Rev. Nevertheless, we cannot but humbly recommend unto the government, the speedy and vigorous prosecution of such as have rendered themselves obnoxious, according to the direction given in the laws of God, and the wholesome statutes of the English nation, for the detection of witchcrafts.

He felt it was unreliable because the Devil could take the form of an innocent person to do his evil deeds. Nicholas Noyes died of a hemorrhage, choking on his own blood.

Joseph Green replaced Samuel Parris as minister. The judges applied an archaic form of punishment called peine forte et dure, in which stones were piled on his chest until he could no longer breathe.

Unless the prisoners or someone else could pay for these expenses, they could not be freed. She had five children and lived in Concord, Massachusetts.

On September 19,after two days of induring the increasing weight, Giles Corey was crushed to death. Oral history claims that the families of the dead reclaimed their bodies after dark and buried them in unmarked graves on family property.

But the attempt had failed and 19 of their supporters got accused of witchcraft. These tales about sexual encounters with demons, swaying the minds of men, and fortune-telling were said to stimulate the imaginations of girls and made Tituba an obvious target of accusations.

Nearly people were accused of witchcraft and by the end of the trials, 19 were sentenced to death by hanging and executed.

Salem Witch Trials

Why Giles Corey refused to answer the court's questions and suffer this slow death instead is not clear. Baker also discusses this theory in his book A Storm of Witchcraft: In an effort to explain by scientific means the strange afflictions suffered by those "bewitched" Salem residents ina study published in Science magazine in cited the fungus ergot found in rye, wheat and other cerealswhich toxicologists say can cause symptoms such as delusions, vomiting and muscle spasms.

The afflicted had stretches when they acted perfectly normal, intersperse with acute fits. He was also identified by the afflicted girls as the "Black Minister" and leader of the Salem Coven.

Mixed farming began to give way to pastures and orchards. They hoped to solidify a separation from Salem Town by establishing a congregation unique from it. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Before Parris and his family moved, the legal manner of the parsonage needed to be resolved.

Twenty people had been executed when the trials reached an abrupt halt, and approximately accused witches awaiting trial were released and had the charges against them dropped [3].Causes for the Outbreak of Witchcraft Hysteria in Salem.

1. Strong belief that Satan is acting in the world"The invisible world": disease, natural catastophes, and bad fortune attributed to.

Salem witch trials

The Salem Witch Trials were a series of witchcraft trials that took place in in Massachusetts. Nearly people were accused of witchcraft and by the end of the trials, 19 were sentenced to death by hanging and executed.

The strains of moving from a Puritan utopia to a royal colony further played out in the witchcraft hysteria that hit the coastal town of Salem Village (now the town of Danvers, MA) in Nov 04,  · The infamous Salem witch trials began during the spring ofafter a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused several local women of witchcraft.

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Sources: Rosenthal, Bernard. Salem Story: Reading the Witch Trials of Cambridge University Press, The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of represents a low point in the history of colonial New England.

What Caused the Salem Witch Trials?

There have a variety of interpretations crafted in an effort to explain the rise of this period of crisis.

The cause of the salem witch crisis of 1692
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