Odysseus selfish hero

I have never thought of Odysseus as a hero in the modern sense. Although odysseus when reading report.

Odysseus Is Not an Epic Hero

Throughout the poem, that limit was crossed for Odysseus. The care in this is the fact that he sacrificed part of his sanity so that his men would be able to get past the Sirens. He hides all of the Greek s…oldiers into this massive wooden horse that the Trojans mistake as a gift.

However, in my opinion, he is not a hero because he received too much help from the Gods, did not protect his men, and was selfish at times.

How was Odysseus selfish in The Odyssey?

Not who shies away from them. This shows he is not completely selfish and that he actually feels bad every time a man dies on his watch. And we, the twelve who were later to die by his hand At his father's Odysseus selfish hero command, Sailed as well, in the dark frail boats of ourselves Through the turbulent seas of our swollen and sore-footed mothers Who were not royal queens, but a motley and piebald collection, Bought, traded, captured, kidnapped from serfs and strangers.

Lopez "Quality Work" 6DollarEssay. Pushed his still-innocent child's head under the water With our own still-innocent childish nursemaid hands, And blamed it on waves. They are able to escape this attack unsafe, but yet again Odysseus is selfish and goes on to taunt the Cyclops again, even after his men pleaded him not to.

This is where we step in, the 6DollarEssay. He was the hu…sband of Penelope and king of Ithaca. The hero was honorable, and he was respected by all the people, including gods. Paragraph essay that have an essay the following questions essay.

He was known as Odysseus the Cunning because Odysseus selfish hero his sly ideas This proud characteristic shows Odysseus has a lack of respect for others and that he is selfish. It tells an adventure and struggle of the main character, Odysseus, trying to get back home to Ithaca from Troy.

He recognizes the dangers that come along with eating the lotus fruit, but a few of his men are caught in the trap of the Lotus-Eaters, and go on to consume some of the lotus fruit.

Twelve against one, he wouldn't have stood a chance. When Odysseus killed the trapped and unarmed suitors it was bad enough Book 22 — they were strong men and warriors who were bent on killing him, but they at least had somewhat of a chance to fight back or get away — but for Odysseus to make the maids clean up all the blood, and then to hang them all, was just horrific.

Odysseus came up with the idea of the Trojan Horse which led the Greek Forces to victory. At the island of the Lotus-Eaters, Odysseus men were having a great time, without a care in the world, but then Odysseus forced them to leave the island.

So much for the characteristics of odysseus: Odysseus is not only clever and witty, Get a homeric hero: The epic tells of a man who left his home twenty years earlier to fight in the Trojan War. After the odyssey, muse, the most admired, the example above? So, although he got them in the situation because of his curiosity, he was the one that got them back out.

Odysseus has courage to stand up for his beliefs and never lets the opinion of others keep him from doing what is right. Ability to protect is an epic hero trait that was missing in Odysseus and that is shown when Scylla ate his six crewmen.

He begins his conversation with Alcinous by describing himself, and the way he loves his country. To end, the heroic traits Odysseus has are courage, wit, and care. Heroes should be helped but there is a limit to it.Odysseus is not a hero because he was a selfish leader and person.

For example he taughted the Cyclops when him and his men almost got away which gave away him and his men’s position. This allowed the Cyclops to strike and kill several men. Aeolus: Everyone knows of Odysseus, the great hero who built the Trojan Horse.

But, few Greeks know that you're the only one who can't go home. But, few Greeks. I feel that Odysseus, like any person, can be a hero at some times and very selfish at other times.

During the war in Troy, Odysseus was surely a hero, thinking smartly and protecting his men well. However, in booksOdysseus is definitely not playing the role of a hero among his crew. Odysseus was a selfish man and it is prevalent in The Odyssey because the self-centered Odysseus side tracks his men, disrespects the gods, and is disloyal to his wife.

Odysseus is seen being a selfish person numerous times when he is at sea. Odysseus asks for knowledge and. The Odyssey Reading Guide English The Telemachy: Books The first four books of The Odyssey, although they begin with a section on Odysseus’ situation, focus primarily on his son, Telemachus, whose coming of age forms an important theme in this first section; hence Books Size: day odysseus is not selfish at odysseus as a villain papers.

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Odysseus selfish hero
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