Nit projections

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NIT Bracketology: Is Boise State A Lock?

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Full coverage of the NIT basketball tournament. Mike Shanahan and Al Davis beefed for decades over money, control, and AFC West dominance Before he was winning titles with Denver, Mike Shanahan.

NCAA Tournament Central

March has finally arrived, college basketball fans, and the good kind of madness is right around the corner. Selection Sunday is March 11, and as always, seeds and spots in the NCAA Tournament are.

Our projections for every Division 1 NCAA college basketball game.

Best in College Sports: Ohio State beats out Alabama to take home the 2017-18 award

We project the score totals and odds to win for each team. Games are updated daily and all post season tournaments are included in. Which college athletic program had the best overall season in ? We here at CBS Sports decided to find out -- just as we do every year -- by crunching the numbers at the conclusion of the.

Aves: Ornithothoraces

The NIT is that frozen pizza. It's still college basketball, and that means it is good. But when March rolls around all we want is the NCAA Tournament. The good stuff. The NIT is fine when we can.

Nit projections
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