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We rather doubt his identity with the priest of Merry Mount. Let him look to himself! No sooner had their hearts glowed with real passion than they were sensible of something vague and unsubstantial in their former pleasures, and felt a dreary presentiment of inevitable change.

The order was carried out as the prisoner watched from the deck of the ship that would once more carry him overseas.

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Methinks their dignity will not be fitted with less than a double share of stripes. In these other places trade was secondary to agriculture and artisanship. Yet there was an air of mutual support, and of pure affection, seeking aid and giving it, that showed them to be man and wife, with the sanction of a priest upon their love.


The Maypole of Merry Mount. Their festivities are interrupted by the arrival of John Endicott and his Puritan followers.

The May-Pole of Merry Mount

As it sank, tradition says, the evening sky grew darker, and the woods threw forth a more sombre shadow. Surprisingly Morton managed to recross the ocean to New England, barely a year from the time of his departure in chains.

From its top streamed a silken banner, colored like the rainbow.

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Thus each alternate season did homage to the Maypole, and paid it a tribute of its own richest splendor. Yet the deepening twilight could not altogether conceal that the iron man was softened; he smiled at the fair spectacle of early love; he almost sighed for the inevitable blight of early hopes.

Set some of the rogues in the stocks to rest themselves, so soon as Providence shall bring us to one of our own well-ordered settlements, where such accommodations may be found.

Unfortunately, there were men in the new world of a sterner faith than these Maypole worshippers. They are honest, direct, generous to a fault. Real joy, Hawthorne seems to be saying, arises spontaneously out of contrasts. He began at this time a lasting alliance with Sir Ferdinando Gorges, an English courtier with strong claims of his own to land in New England.

There is food and drink aplenty; jollity reigns. There was the likeness of a bear erect, brute in all but his hind legs, which were adorned with pink silk stockings. The Merry Mount-Puritan contrast is, in fact, still instructive. But spiritless, thus without grounds on which to rest their judgments of this world, fearing to touch its bounties, a fis.

This settlement was the germ of the place that Morton would soon christen Ma-re Mount—and that others would know as Merry Mount. But as Adams smilingly remarks, had it been later in our history and on a more westerly frontier, they would just have shot him.

It is, in a great measure, trivial and obscure, but as a piece from American History it has its savor which Adams dulls rather than heightens. Such were the colonists of Merry Mount, as they stood in the broad smile of sunset round their venerated Maypole. On the shoulders of a comely youth uprose the head and branching antlers of a stag; a second, human in all other points, had the grim visage of a wolf; a third, still with the trunk and limbs of a mortal man, showed the beard and horns of a venerable he-goat.

Make ready presently, for I am minded that ye shall both have a token to remember your wedding day! The Puritans had played a characteristic part in the Maypole mummeries.THE AT MERRY MOUNT.

A MOST confusing thing in American History, as read it, is the nearly universal lack of scale. This parochialism is helped by such balanced statement as A.

C. Adams' preface to Thomas Morton's The New English Dictionary, in which the incident of the at Merry Mount is related. The May-Pole of Merry Mount BRIGHT WERE the days at Merry Mount, when the Maypole was the banner staff of that gay colony!

They who reared it, should their banner be triumphant, were to pour sunshine over New England's rugged hills, and scatter flower seeds throughout the soil. Nathaniel Hawthorne “The May-Pole of Merry Mount” I. About the Author II.

Summary III. Thinking about the Text IV.

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Thinking with the Text Nathaniel Hawthorne (–64), novelist and short story writer. The May-Pole At Merry Mount Essay, Research Paper THE MAY-POLE AT MERRY MOUNTA MOST confusing thing in American History, as read it, is the about cosmopolitan deficiency of graduated table. This parochialism is helped by such balanced statement as A.

C. Adams & # ; foreword to Thomas Morton & # ; s [ ]. "The May-Pole of Merry Mount" is a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It first appeared in The Token and Atlantic Souvenir in It was later included in Twice-Told. ANALYSIS “The Maypole of Merry Mount” () Nathaniel Hawthorne () “The Maypole of Merry Mount” is an allegory of maturation, personal and national.

Maypole of merry mount essay writer
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