Marketing mix of dabur chyawanprash

Sample size for retailers were 40 in number and the universe comprised of all the consumers within the geographical region or Delhi. Trade Market Directed — Marketers use to target all customers including partners within their channel of distribution.

Reinforcing the Brand — Once customers have made a purchase sales promotion can be used to both encourage additional purchasing and also as a reward for purchase loyalty.

This covers the marketing mix of Dabur. Amla, Awala Pushkarmool, Pohkarmul. Leading consumer goods company in India with 4th largest turnover of Rs. Media and non-media marketing communication are employed for a pre-determined, limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve product availability.

Extension of variability of product 2. Point-Of-Purchase Pop Displays Manufacturers provide point-of-purchase POP display units free to retailers in order to promote a particular brand or group of products.

Dabur is among the oldest herbal brands in India which was founded in If focusing on benefits 3.

Dabur India SWOT Analysis and Marketing Mix

The damage that has happened for the past few years needs to be first undone and that will take time. Get in shape — Exercise for at least 30 — 45 minutes in a day, Do some brisk walking or indulge in yoga.

The premium is still valuable to the consumer because they cannot readily buy the item for the same amount. Limited presence in foreign markets. The brand equity which Colgate enjoys is such that the word Colgate has almost become synonymous for toothpastes and oral care in India.

It is one of the four key aspects marketing mix. The most popular has been through the mail, but increases in postage costs and packaging requirements have made this method less attractive.


The questionnaire technique was structured and not disguised as the questions followed one pattern and reason behind the questionnaire was stated properly. It promotes growth in children. If an ingredient other than the traditional mix-up is added it can no more be called as chyawanprash.

Also such high temperature may destroy vitamin C as well as the constituents, which may be otherwise responsible for its stability 14, And in maintaining this they are not constantly pushing back the frontiers of technology but also expanding the frontiers of their own potential and capabilities.

Some marketers try to discourage forward buying, since it reduces profit margins and tends to create cyclical peaks and troughs in demand for the product. The discoveries and invention in various fields of life is perhaps be the reasons for this transformation.

Over time, various formulas for chyawanprash comprised of herbs highly respected and available in modern India, have been developed from the ancient instructions. Its main aim is to sell more units although through a lesser margin. Dabur also signed several sports personalities and celebrities from other fields for the promotion of its products.

Sampling a sign of a successful marketer is getting the product into the hands of the consumer. Logic to write this article is awareness to the consumer regarding chyawanprash as a Health product and the developed method for their determination may be considered as an additional tool for quality control of chyawanprash.

Does it need to be refrigerated? Enhancing Existing Dominance A logistical marvel, Colgate is one of the most widely distributed brands, with a presence in 4.

The secondary data collected might consist of manipulations, which might have given bias in the result.

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Nature's Formulary chyawanprash follows the original 2,year-old recipe from the Charaka Samhita.In the four major markets of New York, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and St.

Louis, the initial four SKUs of Heritage Select are among the top 25 rice mix brands by dollar sales! Moreover, the brand consistently outsells many well-established labels in terms of units per SKU! DABUR AND MARKETING MIX - Marketing Mix Fig PRODUCT The product is the physical good or service offered to the consumer.

The product is the most visible element of the marketing mix.

Product Positioning Process - Steps in Product Positioning

When a firm introduces a number of products over time gradually, its offerings become many. Dabur reported % growth in consolidated net sales to Rsb riding on strong Vatika shampoo, focused marketing initiatives and improving bottle saliency.

Toothpaste grew 14%, driven by 20% growth in the Dabur Red franchise. Chyawanprash also grew in double digits. Price corrections and marketing initiatives in.

Dabur India Ltd (DABUR IN) Higher competitive intensity, shifting of festive season hurt Buniyaad, and (3) right product mix. Moreover, fall in competitive intensity from Patanjali double-digit growth in honey and Chyawanprash. It has regained lost market. Mix Fruit Flavor Chyawanprash. Ask For Price.

Chocolate Flavor Chyawanprash. Ask For Price. Pineapple Flavor Chyawanprash. Ask For Price. Dabur Chandraprabha Vati. Ask For Price. Ayurvedic Medicine.

Ask For Price. Gesantak Vati Ayurvedic Medicine. Ask For Price. Ayurvedic Treatment. Ask For Price. Gaurav Marketing.

Dabur India launches Chyawan Junior

Marketing Mix. 23 Findings and Recommendation.

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29 Conclusions. 30 5 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Dabur Honey is a gold product for the health concern people of this continental.

It is the largest market player in Bangladesh in terms of branded honey without compromising product quality.

Marketing mix of dabur chyawanprash
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