A call to end the destruction of gendercide

If not aborted as foetuses, two mechanisms explain the high mortality of girl-children. The protagonist is a woman from our world who "travels" there while under the influence of an hallucinogenic drug and finds herself in the body of one of these birthers. In fact the destruction of baby girls is a product of three forces: They will never be able to evict our solidarity.

What happens when men greatly outnumber women? The Virus has identical effects on women and men, the men just have bigger guns. Millions have been murdered through sex-selective abortion. Third, we care because we do have the power to help some, if not all, women. Lena Edlund argues that sex selection expands the wealth gap between men and women in areas where it is practiced, privileging men over women.

But traditional mores hold sway around you, most important in the preference for sons over daughters. He even manages to have one of his people slip in and assassinate their queen, leaving only men and children when he actually invades and massacres the rest of the survivors.

Technology provided new means to ancient ends. The grieving widowers started to join into pairings called teynswhile women eventually became community breeders, kept in the securest parts of caves to avoid the plague.

You can have war between races, war between cultures, war between planets.

Who are we ?

The injustice of gendercide is the culmination of gender oppression dating back practically to the beginning of time and it is no wonder that women are saying no more.

Women are missing in their millions—aborted, killed, neglected to death. Women are raped, battered, humiliated, impoverished, and disfigured.

Are Feminists Actually Promoting Gendercide?

Civilization has completely collapsed and the surviving population have become suicidal or homicidal. The March 4, edition of The Economist magazine published an article that ought to be a wake up call to the church, if not the planet: The world becomes a dangerous place for women, with abduction an ever present risk.

In "Power", a literal Battle of the Sexes is taking place between two gender-divided societies. In short, the UN does a good job of monitoring the problem but has encountered difficulty in changing behavior.

At the same time, the confusion and fear created by them and the barrier that appears around the town results in the women and men separating into mutually hostile camps. According to the British Medical Journal, the sex ratio for the generation of children born in China between the years hit an unprecedented And depending on how charitable the writer was, any male children were either returned to be reared in those villages, or killed.

Altair, once a planet with a functional race of two-gender Human Aliensexperiences a sudden case of this trope when the female birth rate plummeted, then the rest of the female population died out due to a mysterious disease, virtually turning Altair into a Childless Dystopia with Jin Muso, one of the main antagonists, as the Last of His Kind.

Beyond murder, there is unspeakable violence. If it is the males who die off as is most frequently the casethe story will be about how the surviving women rebuild society, or how Fish out of Water males cope with a society that has already been rebuilt.

As the women are all now lesbians and have invented a way to have childrenthis does not bode well for them. Gendercide exists on almost every continent. The UNFPA works with gendercide-affected countries to change attitudes about women and help regulate the technology involved in fetal sex selection.

Unfortunately, men from Earth come and imply they will force the women to mate with them if the women refuse to do so willingly. They should encourage female education; abolish laws and customs that prevent daughters inheriting property; make examples of hospitals and clinics with impossible sex ratios; get women engaged in public life—using everything from television newsreaders to women traffic police.

Trump Opens MAGA Rally with Call to End ‘Politics of Personal Destruction’

Although UN forces led by General Romeo Dallaire had been in Rwanda at the start of the killings, they were prevented from acting by the organization. Women who make money become more valued in their communities, and unlike many men, they use their earnings to provide for the health and well-being of their children.

We need rebel everything, from cooks to medics, fighters to witnesses. It is worth mentioning that a society with a lone survivor of one gender or a pool smaller than a couple hundred of each would be doomed to extinction unless the remaining women make use of the stored sperm in sperm banks.

It is no exaggeration to call this gendercide. Used on a smaller scale with, of course, the exceptions of the love interest and the plucky teenage girl during the latter half of 28 Days Later.

A more traditional form of justice, known as Gacaca, has also been implemented to help combat the backlog of cases and bring a sense of justice for all who acted in the genocide.

Stop Gendercide Project

Yet for the new generations of girls to become culture-changers, they need the support of the international community. Foeticide among the urban, educated and affluent is facilitated by the proliferation of technology, the falling cost of illegal screenings and disregard for laws criminalizing gender selective abortions.

So, Truth in Television? The last man will quickly become a target, sought by every woman of power and means in the world, as his sperm may be the key to the survival of the human race.

Such disparities lie far outside the boundaries of what nature would normally allow.gendercide, are divided between more standard cases of genocide and mass killing, and what I call “gendercidal institutions”—gender-selective atrocities that are structural.

Oct 26,  · Midterms Trump Opens MAGA Rally with Call to End ‘Politics of Personal Destruction’ President again reminds mainstream media of shared responsibility in setting tone of the national discourse. Stop Gendercide Project STOP GENDERCIDE PROJECT to build awareness about female “gendercide” and infanticide.

Advocacy project started by Human Rights Advocate/Professor Markus Redding to build awareness about the systematic abuse & annihilation of women and girls in the world.


the selective destruction of male or female components of a group The Stanford Prison Experiment in social psychologist Philip Zimbardo divided a group of volunteers (college age) randomly into prisoners and guards to see what would happen. The March 4, edition of The Economist magazine published an article that ought to be a wake up call to the church, if not the planet: Gendercide: The War.

93% of boys are exposed to internet porn before the age of 21% of young men use porn everyday. Only 22% states require public schools to teach sex ed.

A call to end the destruction of gendercide
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